Class Routines, Rewards, & Consequences

Classroom Procedures & Routines

Walking from place to place in the hallways:

·         Students are to expected walk in a straight, quiet line when I escort them to and from their homerooms to reading remediation class.

Entering the Reading Remediation Classroom:

·  Students will be expected to walk in the classroom with me quickly and quietly.  Upon entering the room, the students should grab their class folder at the front of the room on the table, a pencil if needed, and sit at a desk quietly until instruction begins or given further directions.

Pencil Sharpening:

·         Students will be expected to bring a pencil with them to class daily.  However, a basket of extra pencils will be provided in the classroom for the students who are in need of a pencil at the table in the very front of the classroom near the pencil sharpener.  I will sharpen the pencils in the basket on an as needed basis before the students enter the classroom in the morning and again midday.  If a student needs another pencil at any given point during a lesson, the basket of pencils will be available for the students to have immediate access to another pencil and keep on working, rather than wasting any instructional time to stop and sharpen pencils.

Bathroom Time & Water Fountain Visits:

·         The students may walk with the teacher in a quiet and orderly fashion to the bathroom on an as needed basis on the way to the reading remediation classroom.
·         Students should remain quiet in the bathroom and quickly take care of business.  Before leaving the restroom, they are to make sure that all toilets are flushed, nothing is left on the floor, and that the bathroom is left in a clean and neat manner.
·         The students will be expected to stand in a quiet, single file line outside the bathroom in the hallway in accordance with the school-wide PBIS expectations until everyone has finished to not disturb instruction in the classrooms down the D-hallway.
·         Students may use the bathroom during reading class on an emergency basis; however, only one student will be permitted to go to the bathroom at a time on an individual basis without teacher supervision.  They must have a signed hall pass written by the teacher to leave the classroom and return quickly with the pass in hand.  Students will be expected to go to the restroom with their homeroom teacher before class time if at all possible.

Class work Folders:

·         Class work papers are to be placed and kept neatly inside the individual student class folders at all times until any papers are to be completed and checked/graded together as a small group or directed otherwise.
·         Class work folders are to never leave the classroom. The teacher will store them at a safe spot in the classroom.
·         Class work folders will be cleaned out monthly or as needed & student work filed away in the cabinet for artifacts.


·         Desks are to be kept neat and clean at all times.  Students are expected to respect and take care of all school property.
Cell Phones:
  • Cell phones are to be out of sight and not in use by students unless given permission by the teacher for educational uses only.  If given permission, absolutely no video recording is permitted in the classroom.
  • If a student does not comply with these expectations, the cell phone must be handed over politely & all class work must be completed in order for the cell phone to possibly be returned to the student at the end of class. If the student is disrespectful, doesn't hand the phone over immediately upon teacher correction, or chooses to not comply with other expectations / not complete all class work, the teacher will place the phone in an envelope with the student's name on it and turn it in to administration for parent signature & pick-up.

Computer Use:

·         The teacher will turn on the computers each morning prior to the start of the school day for the students.
·         Students are only allowed to use student computers to access approved school educational websites upon teacher permission during class. 
·         Students are never allowed to use and access the teacher’s computer; that’s the one computer strictly off limits.
·         A computer helper in the last small group reading class will help the teacher properly shut down the student computers at the close of the school day.

Special Group Assignments:  (Wong)

·         Greet all group members.
·         Be prepared with the necessary tools and resources for your assigned job/role in the group to be successful.
·         Collaboration is the key to being a successful support group.
·         Choose someone from your support group to be your support buddy for activities that involve working with partners.
·         All members should participate, share, learn from, and help each other.
·         Whisper to each other as you work in your support groups or when you work with your support buddy and always speak respectfully to each other.
·         No one group member is to do all the work, everyone is to help and contribute equally.  If there is ever a problem that you can’t work out with your group members, please signal me by raising your hand and I will be glad to help.
·         Listen to each other.
·         Cooperate.
·         Always try your very best!

Substitute Teacher Days:

·         Always show respect and behave the same as you would for me in the presence of a substitute teacher.
·         Always be willing to help out if the sub ever needs help and asks.
·         The sub’s class rules may be different and that is okay!  Respect that and do as the sub asks you to do anyways.
·         Certain students who were respectful and responsible may be mentioned by the sub.  These students may be given a small reward (an extra ticket for good behavior) or simply called upon for special help the next day in class.
·         Students who were disrespectful and did not follow expectations with the sub will receive consequences the next day upon my return (loss of raffle ticket and infraction documentation in accordance to PBIS).  I will follow up on this immediately and consistently.

Rewards & Consequences


* Rewards –


·         Raffle Ticket Thursdays: Students will have the opportunity to earn a raffle ticket daily for hard work and good behavior.  On raffle ticket Thursdays, one ticket will be pulled per each remediation small group class.  The more tickets a student earns throughout the week, the greater chance he/she has of getting their ticket pulled on Thursday.  The students whose tickets were pulled will receive a couple pieces of candy of their choice from the class candy box.  Students will also be given other opportunities to earn extra tickets.  All tickets will be dumped on Thursdays so that all students have the same opportunity to start over again fresh on Monday the following week.


·         Student of the Month:  At the end of the month, starting in October, one student per each GRADE LEVEL (grades 5-7) will be rewarded & recognized as my "Terrific Tigers of the Month" to celebrate their academic growth, positive behavior in accordance with PBIS in the Reading Remix classroom, and their daily attendance.  This will be done in addition to our Raffle Ticket Thursdays and the DMS students of the month.  Students will receive praise and be presented with a signed certificate & small reward from me.  Also, student names will be announced & pictures posted proudly on the class web page.


·         Positive Encouragement and Praise: I will provide the students with lots of positive encouragement and praise in regards to their effort and hard work, academic achievement, and being a good role model for their peers by being respectful, responsible and following classroom expectations.  I believe that encouragement is one of the most powerful teaching tools available.


·         Comprehension Strategy Mastery Chart: To document, display, & reward academic achievement, students will receive star stickers on a Comprehension Strategy Mastery Chart posted on the wall as they master different comprehension strategies based on assessment data in the classroom.


* Consequences – 

I will follow the school-wide PBIS procedure as a consequence for students who choose to be disrespectful and not comply with classroom rules/expectations.  Behaviors will be consistently documented on the DMS “Minor Infraction Form” as necessary. 

1st Offense – Infraction will be documented, expectations will be restated, & warning issued.

2nd Offense – Infraction will be documented & student will complete a Behavior Reflection Form.
3rd Offense – Infraction will be documented & parents will be contacted.
4th Offense – Infraction will be documented and parents will be contacted / a Parent Conference with the Grade Level Team will be planned.
5th Offense – Infraction will be documented, a Discipline Referral will be wrote up, & a copy of the Minor Infraction Form will be attached to the Referral for School Administration. 

* * * Major Infractions (ex. – skipping class, fighting, etc.) will result in an immediate Discipline Referral sent to administration.


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