Monthly Mentions - What's Happening?

What are we learning this month?

In the month of March, our instructional focus will be the reading comprehension strategy of comparing & contrasting.  Our current unit study book for this specific strategy is titled "Why Polar Bears Like Snow... And Flamingos Don't."  "Why Polar Bears Like Snow... And Flamingos Don't" is a nonfiction, high-interest, chapter book which will help us all discover and learn about four different habitats around the world, some of the animals that live in each habitat, and their adaptations.  Please practice this strategy at home with your child and ask what he/she is learning new during our unit. :)  Upon unit completion, students will spend two weeks reviewing this strategy through a variety of activities/education games as they prepare for their Nearpod strategy test on the tablets to show their understanding and mastery of the compare/contrast strategy.  We will also continue to review and practice the previous month's comprehension strategy focus of identifying author's purpose.  

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